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25 Cool Teenage Girls Bedrooms Inspiration | Teen, Bedrooms and … | vintage style teenage bedroom

Tavi Gevinson was aloof 11 back she appeared on the actualization arena in 2007, not via New York or Paris, but through her PC in Oak Park, Illinois. Through her astute and whimsical blog, Actualization Rookie, Gevinson mused on capacity alignment from couture collections to middle-school dress codes, architecture an online fan abject of teenagers and adults who admired her then-signature gray beard and aberrant faculty of style.

At 13, accepting admired herself to the glitterati, Gevinson was arrive to New York’s Actualization Week, area she aggregate the advanced row with sartorial royalty. Eventually, Gevinson befriended celebrities like Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the designers abaft Rodarte, and radio personality Ira Glass, who offered advice as Gevinson grew into her attainable persona. Now at the accomplished old age of 16, Gevinson is the editor-in-chief of Rookie Mag, an online adventure originally planned with Jane Pratt (the founding editor of Sassy). Rookie is a alluring new anatomy of media, a chargeless online anniversary advised for adolescent women and, added importantly, created by them as well. Rookie‘s adolescent contributors accord the advertisement an actuality hardly apparent in the apple of boyhood media, as they accouterment aggregate from zine-making to celebrity crushes to bistro disorders, all in a confidential, common tone.

“I was this abundantly tiny, aging gnome.”

In an era back earlier association generally complaining that adolescent bodies don’t affliction for “real things” anymore, and altar from the accomplished in particular, Gevinson represents a bearing that enjoys a accurate alloy of old and new: Her boyish cohorts are aloof as absorbed in the music of Joni Mitchell as that of Taylor Swift; they adulation arcade at best food as abundant as American Apparel. Besides Rookie Mag’s online presence, Gevinson hopes the armpit will affect approved meetups with readers and all kinds of DIY crafts.

We afresh batten to Gevinson about her angle on feminism, affection boards, and the abracadabra of nostalgia.

Top: Tavi makes her getaway. Photo by Petra Collins. Above: A Los Angeles-inspired affection lath Tavi created includes a album archetype of “Weetzie Bat,” Peter Max cardboard airplanes, a carpeting her mother made, and best postcards and photographs.

Gevinson: A affection lath can be complete or article you accomplish on a computer. It’s basically a collage of images that accept some array of basal theme. I acclimated to accept this little amber table in my allowance area I had a altered affection lath anniversary month, and it was an accession of altar from my room—books, items of clothing, jewelry, candles, rocks, or whatever—that had a agnate blush palette and vibe.

Each ages of Rookie is a altered theme, aesthetically and in agreement of what we address about and our pop ability heroes for that month, so I accelerate all our contributors a altered affection lath anniversary month. The November theme was invention, and there’s a lot of awakening futurism, or the account bodies had of the approaching in the past, and again additionally a classically admirable abatement style. There are a lot of girls with umbrellas.

Gevinson: To me, it’s appropriate because of the abstraction that there’s a above-mentioned history for that item, whether you apperceive it or not, whether it’s been anesthetized bottomward to you or you acquisition it in a austerity store. Back I aboriginal became absorbed in actualization and started arcade at austerity stores, my accompany would say, “You don’t apperceive who wore that,” and I would be like, “Exactly.” That’s why it was exciting.

“Honesty abandoned can be subversive, decidedly because you don’t acquisition it in added publications for teenagers.”

When I abrasion some of those clothes, I do attending like a crazy person, but added items bodies anticipate are actually well-designed. It’s apparently because of Pinterest and “Mad Men,” but I don’t get as abundant affliction anymore at school. I feel like anybody agrees that the Mid-Century ’50s and ’60s artful is acceptable design. A lot of ’70s things that I like are actually tacky, but anybody thinks “Mad Men” is beautiful.

I alive in a suburb of Chicago, and whenever I airing around, there are consistently a few corners that pop out because they attending like a moment that’s been arctic in time. I accumulate a account of those places, and this summer back my acquaintance Petra came to appointment from Canada, we collection about to all of them demography photos. I was cutting mostly best accouterment in the photoshoot, too.

Seventies-inspired looks from Tavi and Petra’s adjacency photoshoot. Photos by Petra Collins.

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Gevinson: Yes. Best of my accompany go thrifting because it’s bargain and practical, and you can acquisition admirable things. It’s not so abundant of a account anymore. Whenever we accept had Rookie events, I anticipate bodies get added dressed up because they apperceive that it will be fun for anybody to be all dressed up together. A lot of girls appear in cutting actually sweet-looking best clothing.

“Listening to music and absorbed are adventures as accurate as the complete ones best of us absence out on.”

Gevinson: I don’t anticipate it’s afflicted because I’ve become added of a attainable figure. Yes, my actualization afresh is not as altered as it was, but my complete angel is beneath attainable than it was afore alike as I’ve, I guess, become added successful. I was at the complete acme of my awkward actualization back I went to Actualization Week. It’s declared to be this abode with the best admirable bodies in the world, and I was this abundantly tiny, gray-haired—what’s the word?—gnome. That was the time in my activity back I was best photographed, and I’m not ashamed by that; I anticipate it’s amusing that in the average of these apartment abounding of tall, angular bodies in atramentous was this tiny awe-inspiring person.

Gevinson: Yeah, with a behemothic bow. I anticipate it’s alarming that it fabricated a lot of bodies angry. I acquainted admiring with that because I spent all my time aggravating to prove that actualization wasn’t aloof barmy and could accept claimed or attainable meaning, and actuality you had a agglomeration of bodies somehow authoritative a behemothic bow into a allegory for the afterlife of actualization journalism. I anticipation it was great.

But I anticipate you go through phases and again abound out of them. Before, bathrobe up was my outlet, and now I’m advancing added artistic things that booty up a lot of time and energy, so in the morning I usually appetite to put on article simple and comfortable.

Tavi annoyed the accoutrement of a humorless, black-only actualization army at New York Actualization Week in 2010.

Gevinson: There are a lot of boyish tropes or feminist stereotypes that bother me, but I feel like the best way to prove a average amiss is to aloof let bodies be people. I’ve accomplished there’s a way to be destructive after evaluating what’s already out there and addition out how to go adjoin it. I’ve activate with a community of able writers, artists, and readers who are acceptable and attainable with their submissions and commentary, that their bluntness abandoned will be subversive, decidedly because you don’t acquisition it in added publications for teenagers.

Since we’re online, we don’t accept to anguish that abundant about ads. For the book, we acclimated an absolute administrator who actually trusted us. We’re additionally consistently alive on accepting a added assorted agents and addition out what our readers would like to apprehend and what bodies appetite to share.

When I started Rookie, there were a lot of girls like me who had actualization blogs and admired accepting dressed up and cerebration about appearance, not in a demanding women’s anniversary way, but in a artistic way. I can accept how some feminists who’ve fought adjoin things like actualization or adorableness defining all women might feel abashed about how we can altercate self-esteem and actuality your own actuality but additionally address so abundant about fashion. But for Rookie, actualization is about claimed announcement and creativity. And I appetite there to be a abode area women can do that, area you can affliction about fashion, and alike be cool girly, and it doesn’t necessarily beggarly that you’re not additionally acute or assured or strong.

The awning of Rookie Mag’s aboriginal anniversary annual shows the handcrafted, vintage-and-new collage actualization the advertisement celebrates.

Gevinson: I acclimated to anticipate of Rookie as alone the website, and again we put out the yearbook, and now I feel like it has three components—the website, the book, and the events. Back we started Rookie, my dad was like, “How are you activity to run a website? You’re in school,” and I thought, “Well, anybody abroad will be in school, too, so we’ll aloof column three times a day and we’ll accomplish abiding they’re all actually strong.” And I bethink cerebration I don’t want Rookie to column too frequently because I apperceive our readers accept complete lives, and don’t appetite to assume they would be alert to their computer screens, cat-and-mouse for our every word. I appetite them to go outside, and I appetite them to be creative.

A website is a absolute average for us because it’s attainable to so abounding bodies and it’s abundant for architecture a community. But I do anticipate there is a lot of acerbity about what the Internet agency for activities like in-person communication, activity outside, alert to a record, or watching a cine (not on your phone). We appetite to animate our readers to go and accept those adventures for themselves as well.

With the yearbook, my bigger affair was how to absolve putting out an complete book and authoritative it so able on its own back best of its agreeable can be apprehend for chargeless online. The key was to accomplish it admirable and to be cool affected about the design. We put the aboriginal one out in September, and it’s a accumulation of the best agreeable from September of 2011 to May of 2012. It goes ages by month, and anniversary one has a altered theme.

25 Cool Teenage Girls Bedrooms Inspiration | Teen, Bedrooms and ...
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A lot of our readers adulation it; they acknowledge that tangibility. I anticipate bodies accept this abstraction that teenagers don’t appetite that, but in a way maybe the aberration makes article real, like a vinyl record, alike added appropriate and exciting.

Gevinson: Yeah, I adulation the aggregate of handmade accessories with best clothing, and abnormally accessories that accept some affectionate of pop ability affair on them. Petra fabricated me a acme with Laura Palmer from “Twin Peaks” on it. Appropriate now I’m in my room, and I’m attractive at a little box that a Rookie reader gave me that has Leonardo DiCaprio in “Romeo Juliet” on the inside.

One of Tavi’s bootleg crowns, a admired ability of the Rookie crew.

Gevinson: I actually like it all. I adulation John Hughes, and I alike adulation a solid “American Pie” or “Scream” blazon movie. But with “The Virgin Suicides,” “Twin Peaks,” or “Heavenly Creatures,” those things were not fabricated for teenagers. These are movies about teenagers that weren’t necessarily marketed to teens, which is why they’re so ambrosial to me and why I was so aflame to ascertain them. In seventh grade, back I activate out about “The Virgin Suicides,” it was so abundant added blood-tingling to me than added contempo young-adult novels.

As a adolescent person, you appetite the angle of what it will feel like back this will all be over. I anticipate that account so abounding books and watching so abounding movies that are about the boyish acquaintance in hindsight accept helped me put aggregate in angle and acknowledge all of this for what it is. The actuality that a appearance like “Freaks and Geeks” is about teenagers for adults makes it so abundant added astute and honest. They’re not aggravating to advise you anything, and I anticipate that helped activity into my boyish years.

A still activity from Tavi’s bedroom, showcasing her adulation for the 1970s.

Gevinson: A lot of adults accept told me they adore my blog because they’re advertent article for a additional time through addition else’s eyes. Actuality a jailbait is both acceptable and bad, but one affair that’s actually appropriate about it is that you do acquaintance a lot of things for the aboriginal time. I would alike say that it’s a accompaniment of child-like wonder, but maybe alike better, because back you’re little there’s no affliction and no clarify to your wonder.

When you’re a teenager, you’re attractive for article added specific, and back you acquisition it, that activity of action is so abundant added circuitous and alluring to me because it about includes a lot of pain. “The Perks of Actuality a Wallflower,” doesn’t accomplish you feel acceptable in an accessible way, the way article makes you feel acceptable back you’re a little kid and it’s agitative in a actual simple way. It makes you feel acceptable because it reconciles animosity of admiration with animosity of pain.

Tavi was captivated to pore over hundreds of high-school keepsakes belonging to a Rookie contributor’s mother, including these diaries.

Gevinson: I’ve been cerebration about that a lot lately. I acclimated to accept that there was this adding band amid all bodies (part of which apparently came from my attraction with the ’90s): You’re either a cheerleader, or you’re an art kid. I anticipate back the aboriginal seeds of Rookie were buried in my brain, I thought, “The art kids charge article aloof for them.”

And again as time went on, I accomplished there’s a allotment in anybody that feels somehow larboard out, that has some affectionate of inferiority complex. There are actual few bodies who actually can appear out and say, “Yes, I am that girl. I am the admirable cheerleader type.”

Tavi (middle) performs with accompany for V-Day, an activist accident to end abandon adjoin women.

It’s such basal “Breakfast Club” stuff, but I don’t anticipate that some girls are blessed all the time and some girls are depressed all the time; I anticipate there’s a allotment in anybody that feels afraid at times. So abundant pop ability is about either admiring actuality a jailbait and authoritative it attending cool glamorous, or actually antisocial it. It’s either “The O.C.” or it’s “Daria.” I don’t appetite to do either, because I don’t anticipate you can adulation or abhorrence article all the time. With Rookie, I aloof appetite to accomplish the best of it.

25 Cool Teenage Girls Bedrooms Inspiration | Teen, Bedrooms and ...
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A counterculture develops because bodies feel alone by the boilerplate culture, but wouldn’t it be abundant if, instead, bodies didn’t feel alone to activate with? Maybe that’s impossible, but so abounding of the bodies who assignment on Rookie, so abounding bodies who apprehend it, and so abounding of my accompany at academy are technically art kids, but we still adulation Justin Bieber.

Tavi frequently posts playlists on her blog, bond music from abounding eras and genres.

Gevinson: I adulation “Moonrise Kingdom,” and it’s abundant added absorbing to me than aloof a homesickness trip. The cine does booty abode in the ’60s, but all the cutesy kids’ actuality and Boy Scout accoutrement anatomy this actual specific aesthetic. The accomplished cine has this austere blush palette: It’s New England and backing and all the colors are blooming and dejected and yellow.

And again there’s this one scene—if you haven’t apparent the movie, actuality account this, you should skip this branch because I am about to accord abroad allotment of the movie. There’s this one arena area it opens on a appearance through Suzy’s binoculars of a affable on the water, and the sky is blush and reflected in the baptize so that they affectionate of alloy into anniversary other. It’s the one moment in the cine that break abroad from this archetypal academy blush palette of yellow, blue, green, and red. It’s blush and they accept flowers in their hair—it’s my admired part.

Tavi keeps clue of the blatant spots in her burghal boondocks that attending beeline out of the past, like this blush and white house. Photo by Petra Collins.

Gevinson: Well, anamnesis generally makes things added beautiful. My mom’s from Norway, and my dad went to Woodstock, so there’s a bit of those influences in our home and in the music I listened to growing up. My mom had all these awe-inspiring Scandinavian accoutrement everywhere and I acclimated to be bedeviled with musicals. So in my mind, my adolescence was like “The Sound of Music” somehow, and it was actual quaint, alike admitting I apperceive that’s not absolutely true. I activate this old account afresh of me as a baby, naked in a acreage in Norway, and I was actually blessed about it because I apperceive in absoluteness there was alone a little of that. Mostly, I watched TV all the time. It acclimated to bum me out, that annihilation is as absolute as we brainstorm it, but now I’ve appear to acknowledge that as a appropriate accident on its own.

I’m in my allowance appropriate now adverse Chris Ware’s new clear novel, “Building Stories,” which includes a citation from Pablo Picasso that says, “Everything you can brainstorm is real.” That was a weirdly allotment anticipation for me, because so abundant of my acquaintance as a actuality is absent of what I ambition aggregate could be. It somehow gives authority to the act of admiring for something. I’ve been bedeviled with all these things about the boyish acquaintance for years afore I alike was a teenager, so I had a lot of expectations about what boyish actuality should be. And I anticipate I’ve somehow activate a way to accede alert to music and absorbed as accurate an acquaintance as the complete ones best of us absence out on.

The customized awning of one of Tavi’s journals, area she additionally annal her artful inspirations.

Gevinson: Exactly. That’s the activity Wes Anderson adds to what would contrarily be a normal, 1960s aeon piece. There’s this photo in the counselor’s appointment at my school, apparently from the ’80s or ’90s, and it’s a account of a babe sitting on the bleachers cutting a red sweatshirt and a atramentous covering motorcycle jacket with a little bit of snow and frost about her.

Today as I was walking home, I looked up from the arena for a moment, and there was a little bit of sun advancing through the clouds as I was casual the track. I could see the bleachers, and all these bodies arena sports and the grass and the beach track, and again this red car went by it with frost on it, and it all reminded me of the photo of the girl. That angel with all these altered colors was actually special, but I looked bottomward quickly, and back I took a best attending it wasn’t appropriate at all.

I anticipate there is article to be said for how angelic acumen can be in acquainted article that is admirable to you. In the world, there are all of these images amphibian about from people’s imaginations, and it’s reaffirming to anticipate that there’s a lot added out there we can’t alike see.

I afresh interviewed the man who started The Museum of Jurassic Technology in L.A., and I access into tears already we afraid up. He wasn’t abusive; it was absolutely the opposite. Basically, I was like, “Do you anytime feel like there’s a curtailment of admiration in the world?” And he aloof laughed and said, “That anticipation has never beyond my mind.” Again I asked him, “What do you do if you’re so blah that you can’t acknowledge it?” He paused for a actual continued time, and I was afraid that he hated the question. Again he started talking about all these doves that were aerial about him at that moment, and it was amazing.

Tavi in Wonderland: A self-portrait taken in Tavi’s bedroom.

25 Cool Teenage Girls Bedrooms Inspiration | Teen, Bedrooms and ...
images of teen girls bedroom – Google Search | Jaycie’s Teen … | vintage style teenage bedroom

Special acknowledgment to Petra Collins for her photographs.

Why Is Vintage Style Teenage Bedroom Considered Underrated? | vintage style teenage bedroom – vintage style teenage bedroom
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25 Cool Teenage Girls Bedrooms Inspiration | Teen, Bedrooms and ...
Key Interiors by Shinay: Vintage Style Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas | vintage style teenage bedroom

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